Certified dealerships

When it comes to selecting dealerships to invite into our dealer network, the AutoAmigo Auto Program must be diligent in the selection process to ensure the dealership’s practices are in line with the AutoAmigo Auto Program’s standards and that member value is fully supported.

Participating Dealerships must comply with the following…

  • Agree to meet strict pricing requirements
  • Consistently rank high in Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Ensure select dealership representative’s (certified and trained Authorized Dealer Program Managers) are available to assist members
  • Offer inventory levels that provide strong representation for their brand

If a dealership upholds these conditions, the AutoAmigo Auto Program invites them into the dealer network and establishes low, prearranged pricing on the members behalf for each vehicle the dealership offers.

Even after a dealership is trained and working with AutoAmigo members, the Auto Program will continually monitor their performance. Our staff of Mystery Shoppers will ‘shop’ the dealer and evaluate the Authorized Contacts, provide feedback and when necessary, retrain. This allows us to quickly identify and resolve any areas that need improvement before member service is affected.

Another member benefit that participating dealerships must commit to is establishing Authorized Dealer Program Managers.

Authorized Dealer Program Managers

  • Must be fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Must be trained and certified to follow established AutoAmigo Auto Program processes
  • Must commit to providing a first-class member experience
  • Must ensure a no-pressure, no-obligation buying process

Before any member ever steps through the door, the AutoAmigo Auto Program has already taken lengthy measures to choose top-rated dealers, enforce strict pricing standards and designate and train Authorized Dealer Program Managers – all to ensure member satisfaction.