About AutoAmigos

Welcome to America’s First-Ever Hispanic Automotive Buying Program – powered by Univision

What We Do

AutoAmigo gives Hispanic car-shoppers a predictable and enjoyable way to buy dependable, high quality vehicles from America’s best dealerships for a guaranteed low price.

There are no membership fees to join this program and this program is available to anyone in the United States.

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Leveraging The Buying Power of 50 Million Hispanics

Never Shop Alone! AutoAmigo gives you the ability to leverage the group buying power of 50 Million Hispanics to get the best deals on new and used vehicles.

With AutoAmigo you will receive these benefits:

  • A low, prearranged price that provides value
  • An easy, hassle-free experience through our vast dealership network
  • Dealerships that understand our program and our processes, and feature specially trained and certified, Spanish Speaking Program managers to assist AutoAmigo members
  • Spanish Speaking customer advocates who are available seven days a week to answer questions, work with the dealership on the member’s behalf, verify pricing and even review purchase contracts – all to ensure we meet the member’s expectations for service and value

Saving U.S. Hispanics Billions of Dollars – one deal at a time!

The AutoAmigo program is designed to save Hispanic car-buyers one billion dollars over the next 12 months. Our hope is that these dollars will be invested back into the families and communities of those who support this program. Maybe it’s your son’s baseball team. Maybe it’s your daughter’s Quinceanera. Whatever it is for you, we are giving you a better way to buy a car so that you can spend more of your money on whatever it is that you care about most.

Helping To Solve A Huge Problem

Paying too much for a car and/or unknowingly purchasing a vehicle that is unreliable can have serious consequences. Here’s why. When a person pays too much for a car and/or purchases an unreliable vehicle, that person often finds themself owing the bank more money for that vehicle than the vehicle is actually worth when it comes time to pay for unexpected maintenance or repairs. In cases where the repair is expensive and the vehicle is not drivable, many customers choose to give their vehicles back to the bank rather than make payments on a vehicle that they cannot afford to fix.

Unfortunately, the consequences of this decision can be disastrous. Credit card rates go up drastically, buying a replacement vehicle becomes extremely difficult and the ability to buy or rent housing can become severely limited.

Here’s the good news. AutoAmigo gives you five things that are specifically designed to significantly reduce or eliminate this problem.

  1. Research Tools: We give you research tools in both English and Spanish so that you can clearly understand what your options are and choose the vehicle that best suits your budget and your needs.
  2. Experts – On Demand: We give you access to our team of automotive experts so that you can get answers to your questions any time you need them.
  3. Great Selection: We give you access to our vast network of certified AutoAmigo dealerships and thousands of High Quality new and pre-owned vehicles.
  4. VIP Process: We introduce every AutoAmigo customer to a certified, Spanish-speaking AutoAmigo Program Manager. These managers have completed our certification program and are personally responsible for giving you a VIP presentation on the vehicle you select.
  5. Instant, Guaranteed Low Price: AutoAmigo’s patent-pending technology allows you to instantly see the following prices on any vehicle you select.
    1. Retail Price: This is the Manufacturer’s suggested price is for any new vehicle and/or what the retail price is for any pre-owned vehicle you select.
    2. Average Market Price: This is what other customers pay for the vehicle you have selected.
    3. AutoAmigo Price: This is your guaranteed, pre-negotiated, no-hassle AutoAmigo price.

Don’t pay too much for your next car! Get the first-class treatment you deserve, see what others pay for the vehicle you want and get a guaranteed below-market price using AutoAmigo!

Build and Price Your Car Speak To An AutoAmigo Expert

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How It Works Dealership Certification Process Benefits

Going the Extra Mile

The AutoAmigo Auto Program contacts every member, regardless if they purchased a vehicle through the program or not, to evaluate their experience. The Member Advocacy Group is unique in the auto-buying industry; while other programs claim to offer ‘customer service,’ this group actually assists members after they purchase or lease. If any discrepancy should occur, this group ensures that the member receives the value and service we expect of our dealers. Member Advocacy Group (MAGs)

  • Follows up to ensure the member’s experience was exceptional
  • Handles member issues, if any, and answers complex questions
  • Manages price verification post-purchase and confirms dealer compliance
  • Surveys members in order to continually monitor the success of the program

Committed To Constant Improvement

Finally, while all of these components are running smoothly, the AutoAmigo Auto Program continues to work behind the scenes to ensure the savings and service standards are being maintained:

Competitive Shopper

  • Shops our competition to evaluate and ensure that car buyer’s receive the value they’ve come to expect from the AutoAmigo name
  • Confirms vehicle pricing within specific markets to aid in establishing our ‘prearranged’ vehicle pricing with dealers

Shadow Shopper

  • Conducts mystery shops of our dealerships to ensure dealer compliance with Auto Program processes
  • Confirms correct pricing is offered to members
  • Evaluates customer service and the professionalism of Authorized Dealer Program Managers
  • Provides ongoing support to identify opportunities to train dealers as necessary to ensure standards are met

Our goal is to provide an exceptional car buying experience through value and service. As you can see, we have an established buying process, coupled with value pricing, trained staff and experience to ensure that goal is met.